Bazla, the easiest ecommerce tool for creator collaborations
The only platform built from the ground up to support creator ownership
Our Solution
Bazla is custom-built for creator-driven collaborations — with easy revenue sharing and built-in features that don’t require complex integrations

The Problem

50 million people are active content creators. Increasingly, they feel exploited by the behemoth social media platforms and are looking to build their own businesses. A great way to build businesses is through collaborations. But the tools to enable easy, fair collaborations are lacking.


The Competition

Only Bazla fosters creator ownership.
Traditional shopping carts are complex and don’t support collaborations.
Creator commerce platforms are easy but not built for collaborations.
Bazla is built for creator collaborations and flexible revenue sharing.

Start with Bazla Today
  • Find a collaborator or bring your own
  • Create a store or embed one
  • Select your revenue share
  • Set up easy marketing campaigns
  • Track your sales & audience growth
  • Cash out on demand
  • Build equity as you reach milestones
  • Earn revenue sharing for attracting other creators to Bazla
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